Gaffa Ghandi Sells Out

After years of brooding over ideas, scrapping them, re-formulating and discarding again, more than once neck-deep in despair and confusion it finally happens, unexpected for some, welcomed by a fair few: Gaffa Ghandi will release their first ever official full-length album in their 9th year of existence. Honed by the musical tension between the vibrant underground scenes of Dresden and Berlin where either half of the members live the four-piece lay some astonishing riffage to tape and record. “Artificial Disgust” features four tracks illustrating the band’s musical history to perfection, putting it in a blender and sugars up the brew: straight riffage meets prog-ladden structures, wrapped in psychedelic amalgam, breathing towards all sides but remaining compact enough to be played while driving through the rush hour. Disgustingly beautiful.

Irony remains the strongest weapon for the cynic generation the band represents and here it gets its soundtrack. You want namedropping? Forget it. Early educated and skilled Gaffa Ghandi puzzle together some psychedelic craze made from desert rock, proggy syncopism and thus qualify for bringing the term crossover back from it’s stale taste. Yes, one must be some dreamer to appreciate this. Absolutely Yess! A dance on a rope between the cracks, above the abyss of taste, honouring the untenable circumstances.

"Artificial Disgust" releases April 24 via Exile on Mainstream Records

Presale will start on March 3 via
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